Best of 2009

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It's been a little more than 6 months that I have started blogging and it's already time to look back and have a small retrospective. All in all, it's been a lot of fun putting together post after post.

I haven't got a strict publishing schedule, and I tend to prefer quality over quantity.
That being said, not all posts are created equal and inevitably some received greater attention than others. Here's a little list of the posts that have ranked higher in my stats.

Visual Studio 2008

Overall, posts related to Visual Studio tend to gather a lot of audience. The post on the shortcuts is ranking number 1 in my statistics. A sign that many developers still prefer to move around using the mouse as little as possible. And so do I.

Design By Contract

During the summer I have started investigating Microsoft's way to Design By Contract, that is Microsoft Contracts. These introductory articles have received their fair share of visitors.


Moving files around with WCF seems to be a pretty common task, yet there have been very little posts on this topic on the net. Therefore once I managed to put together a workable solution, I shared my implementation so that others may pick it from there and adjust to taste. As expected, these two posts have become a hit.

Service Locator

In one of my projects I have found myself in the need of creating a tiny service locator. I didn't want to bring in our company's full fledged IoC container in this case, to keep depenencies to a minimum. This series of post describing that little implementation have been fairly succesful.


I am currently reading many technical books at the same time. One of the best of the group has been the The Pragmatic Programmer. Despite being a recent post, this one is already ranking very high, possibly because of the recent surge of interest around the sofware craftsmanship movement.


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